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Dunhill Ranch - PO Box 1155 Magdalena, NM 87825 - 575-854-2847 - sales@dunhillranch.com

Dunhill Ranch
Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef

Sustainable ranching
Pasture-raised and finished
No hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals

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At Dunhill Ranch, we take pride in providing top quality products and personal service. We feel that when you are trusting your family’s food to us, you deserve nothing less.

Part of the personal service that we offer is that, when you write, call, or e-mail us, you get to talk to the people in charge, not just some “customer service representative”. Another part of personal service is that, if we can meet your needs with small adjustments in our normal procedures or products, we’ll do it.

Perhaps the most important part of personal service is that, when you have comments, we listen! Over the past several years, we have made several improvements that were suggested to us by our customers.  If you have ideas for areas where we can improve, we want to hear them!

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We’re around most of the time, but just after sunrise and just after sunset are the best times to call, since we’re generally not working with the sheep then. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message. We return all calls.

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PO Box 1155

Mile 1, Forest Rd 234

Magdalena, NM 87825

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(Please call in advance so we can be sure that we are around when you come)

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