Dunhill Ranch - Ordering

Dunhill Ranch - PO Box 1155 Magdalena, NM 87825 - 575-854-2847 - sales@dunhillranch.com

Dunhill Ranch
Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef

Sustainable ranching
Pasture-raised and finished
No hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals

Ordering Lamb and Beef

We sell live lambs, custom-processed whole lamb orders, individual packages of lamb, and individual packages of beef. Packages can be purchased individually or in a money-saving combination order.

The best way to order is to call us directly, or send us an e-mail, telling us what you are looking for and we will work out the order with you. We accept cash and checks at the time of delivery; unfortunately we are not set up to take credit cards at this time.

Since we raise our animals on a natural cycle, our lambs are typically available from August through November, and our beef is available from December through May.

The very best way to make sure that you get the meat that you want is to reserve it early. It costs nothing to reserve, and you’ll be guaranteed to get a phone call when the order is ready. Just e-mail us your name, address, and phone number and whether you want a whole lamb, lamb packages, or beef packages  (please specify what cuts you are interested in). Note that we will never give, lend, or sell this information to anyone else.

When your order is ready, you can come and visit the ranch and pick up your order at the same time, or we can deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley between San Antonio and Española, NM. Delivery charges vary.